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The Company


Replication Technologies Ltd (also known as Reptech and RTL) began trading from a modern site in Welwyn Garden City in 1996. Due to increasing sales it was forced to move into much bigger premises in Nazeing in 1999. Although still a young company, the management have over 50 years of accumulated experience in moulding casting and tooling in a wide variety of environments. RTL is seen as a centre of excellence within moulding circles.




Whether you are experienced or a beginner in moulding and casting, we will assist you with our experience and an outstanding range of products. Our service does not stop with the supply of moulding materials; we are also users and can provide advice based upon our wide ranging experience. Most of our wide range of products are available ex-stock for immediate overnight delivery. Our laboratory can be made available for training or as a study facility for the study of particular moulding problems.


The Products

Our business is moulding and casting products and ancillaries. We supply Dow Corning RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) Silicone and Polyurethane products. Dow Corning are the largest manufacturers of silicone materials in the World; we are also possibly the largest silicone suppliers in the UK, a position that we are very proud of. In addition to products marketed under the Dow Corning name, we also have a range of RTV Silicones sold under our own name. These are high performance materials in their own right, made to our own exacting specifications.

The use of silicone-based materials in our everyday lives has increased tremendously over recent years. Silicones are used for a tremendous range pf applications ranging from waterproofing adhesives and consumer durables. Air bags in cars and the ubiquitous bath sealant are areas where silicones have found a special niche. Silicone based polymers have special properties that make them superior to the carbon based alternatives.

Silicones are manufactured from silicates (sand is an important source) and when used as moulding materials give some special properties. Silicone rubbers in their fluid state are able to replicate down to the molecular level. It is easy to take a moulding of a fingerprint, for example. Silicones are adhesive; they tend not to stick to minerals and organic materials in a way that organic polymers cannot copy. With time and experience, such as that maintained within RTL, most casting and moulding problems become easy or within achievable boundaries.

As more research goes into improving the properties of silicone moulding materials so it becomes easier and more economic to use silicone to solve your moulding requirements

At RTL we are at the cutting edge of this technology and are confident we will have the answer to your specific problem and we look forward to helping you in your quest for excellence.


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